A Tropical Destination Wedding at Sky Dweller Estate in Maui, Hawaii

Kayla Koepke (25 and a teacher) and Josh Robbins (25 and in IT) wanted to do something different for their nuptials, so they had an intimate destinati

Kayla Koepke (25 and a teacher) and Josh Robbins (25 and in IT) wanted to do something different for their nuptials, so they had an intimate destination wedding at Sky Dweller Estate in Maui, Hawaii. The island's naturally beautiful landscaping inspired the outdoor tropical-themed celebration, brought to life through bright pinks, oranges and purples—from Kayla's round orchid and rose bouquet to the vibrant groomsmen vests and ties that matched the bridesmaid dresses. The ceremony took place on the lawn, where an oceanic view in the distance served as the natural backdrop. Kayla followed the colorful petals down the aisle, leading to the wedding arch draped in tulle, where Josh waited for her. Trish Barker Photography captured the reception, where three king-size dining tables covered in bright orange linens seated guests for the celebration. Josh and Kayla sat at their sweetheart table that stood out from the rest, dressed in a purple tablecloth with a flower arrangement designed by Damselfly Designs cascading down the front. The cake—filled with passionfruit flavors and decorated with purple orchids down the side—embodied the tropical theme, and hula dancers and fire entertainers filled the evening with traditional performances. Of all the details, the table set up for Kayla's late brother won our hearts over. "Josh and I not only had a table in Kody's favorite color to honor him, but we had a place setting for him as well," Kayla says. "We felt his love the day and night of our wedding, and we know his spirit was with us through it all." Check out more details from this inspirational island wedding, below.

"I wanted to have an ivory shoe but with a wedge, since our wedding was outside and I didn't want my heel to sink into the ground," Kayla says. "I tried to find a shoe that incorporated sparkles to stand out in pictures and blend with the overall design of my wedding dress and veil."
Kayla held a vibrant red and orange bouquet filled with orchids and roses with beaded centers. The round arrangement went well with the day's tropical style and colors.
Bright red and orange petals covered the aisle leading toward the arch, draped in vibrant linens that went along with the day's palette. The beautiful oceanic views in the distance served as the ideal backdrop for everyone to enjoy.
"Josh and I both agreed that black would attract the heat too much," Kayla says. "Since our wedding was one of the hottest days on the island, the boys were glad that we had the ivory tuxedos and shoes instead of the black attire." The groomsmen sported pink vests and ties along with their suits, while Josh stood out with an orange vest and tie.
At the ceremony entrance, vibrant cascading arrangements filled with orchids and roses topped two white square pillars. These blossoms matched the colorful petals that led to the front of the ceremonial space at Sky Dweller Estate in Maui, Hawaii.
Kayla and Josh shared a happy moment at the altar during the ceremony at Sky Dweller Estate in Maui, Hawaii. A pink and orange rose boutonniere pinned to the lapel of Josh's white suit brought a pop of color into his look.
"My engagement ring defines my personality," Kayla says. "The entire ring is covered in small diamonds with a big princess-cut diamond in the middle. Also, there is a hidden sapphire under the center stone. My wedding band is embellished with diamonds and sapphires, and Josh's wedding ring is a platinum band with a metallic finish in the middle."
"We had three king-size tables covered with orange satin cloths," Kayla says. "Each table was decorated with two draping floral arrangements on clear glass vases, vessels with floating candles, dinnerware settings accented with orchids and place cards.
Kayla and Josh stood in the middle of their wedding party, with a natural backdrop of foliage. The bridesmaids wore knee-length pink dresses, which the groomsmen matched with pink ties and vests under their white suits.
A gold plate and white napkin topped with orange orchids made up the settings for each seat at the dining tables. Guests sat at tables covered in bright orange linens, with a white and pink escort card marking each seat.
A blackboard displayed all four specialty cocktails served throughout the celebration: Kayla's Kiss, Josh's Juice, Maui Me Mojito and Koers Coolers (named after Kayla's brother). A set of colorful tiki mugs decorated the speciality cocktail table.
At the reception, Kayla and Josh made sure they honored Kayla's brother Kody throughout the day. They created a dining table just for him, covered in a sequin tablecloth and decorated with an orchid arrangement—all in purple (Kody's favorite color).
"Josh has always viewed me as his princess, and so I wanted to go with a fairy tale style," Kayla says. "That's why I chose a long, flowing silk veil embellished with plenty of beading and floral detail." In addition to the veil that she wore at the ceremony, Kayla also accented her hair with a single white flower.
Kayla and Josh sat at their sweetheart table covered in a purple tablecloth and decorated with cascading orchids in the front—distinctly different from the other orange-covered dining tables where friends and family sat.
"We had luau entertainment, where we all had our fair share of laugher, honi (Hawaiian kisses), dance moves, love and joy," Kayla says. "We all finished the night enjoying all the signature drinks and dancing to all our favorite songs."
Flavors of lilikoi, a popular Hawaiian passion fruit, filled the three-tier square cake, decorated with purple orchids that draped down the side. A bride and groom figurine set that resembled Kayla and Josh topped the sweet treat.
Kayla and Josh gleamed with happiness as they sat at their sweetheart table, with a gorgeous backdrop of the tropical landscaping behind them. "All the elements best reflect us as a couple," Kayla says. "Honestly, it's the little things in life that truly count and make up the bigger picture."