A Tropical Wedding at Holly Farm in Carmel, California

Mallory Oliphant (30 and an event planner) and Richard “Richie” White (31 and a big-game fishing specialist and fishing-boat captain) met while traveling in Thailand. Together, they have traveled to Maldives, Panama, and South Africa (where the groom is from), so wanted their wedding to reflect their shared travel adventures, their personalities and their love for each other. They drew inspiration from travels to the ocean and the jungle and from different cultures for an eclectic, slightly boho, mostly tropical wedding at Holly Farm, in the heart of Carmel Valley, near Mallory's hometown of Half Moon Bay, California. Watercolor shades of blue tied the theme together, with bright flowers, vintage globes, twinkle lights and trinkets from their travels on display. Since guests were flying in from different parts of the country, “we really wanted everyone to feel like they were coming over for the most magical and special dinner party ever,” Mallory says. They reserved their little "tropical oasis" for five days, so guests could make the most of it—knowing it would most likely be the only time they'd have all their loved ones together in one place. The couple wanted wanted their guests to leave with an understanding of their commitment to each other. "We wanted to tell our love story and really showcase it," Mallory says. "It was truly an intimate, magical experience." —Chrissy Sorenson