A Vibrant Boho Garden Wedding at Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattan, Kansas

After graduating from Kansas State University and moving to Colorado together, Chelcie Britt (26 and an artist) and Troy Britt (25 and an artist) wanted a last hurrah in the community they felt so connected to. Inspired by the gorgeous outdoor space at KSU Gardens—where they had their ceremony—Chelcie and Troy used plenty of native wildflowers throughout the decor for an overgrown feel we can’t help but love. The sunflowers, worthy of the Kansas namesake, added a vibrant pop of yellow to the pink, purple and green palette. This couple of eccentric artists weren't afraid to embrace the color scheme either, with Troy’s bold mandala tie and Chelcie’s gorgeous flower crown. With the help of wedding planner Abby Wempe Weddings and Events, Chelcie and Troy brought the outside in to their reception too, at Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattan, Kansas. “The planning process was super-stressful at times but when it all comes together and you are surrounded by your closest friends and family you realize it was all worth it,” Chelcie says. “Just remember the day is about celebrating your love for each other, and neither rain nor humidity nor a muddy wedding dress can ruin your day.” There are so many details we love about this vibrant garden party wedding—see them all, beautifully captured by Lindsay JC Lack, below. -- Carmen Huff