A Vibrant Lakeside Wedding at The Felt Estate in Saugatuck, Michigan

Becca Rosswurm (27 and an organizational consultant) and Tom Nania (27 and a Luthier) met at an Irish pub in Indiana. Becca was in the area attending college and Tom and his band were playing a gig in the pub that night. Although it took them 6 months to get back there, the two had their first date at that same pub. As a tribute to their first trip together, Tom brought Becca for a picnic on a beach along Lake Michigan's western coast. A nervous Tom began fidgeting before they could even start to eat and pulled out the ring to propose. Throughout their relationship, Tom and Becca had named their trips as a series they referred to as "Along the Midcoast". During these travels they came across Leland, Michigan with all of its fresh air and pristine natural beauty and didn't hesitate in setting this as the location for their wedding. Their intimate ceremony took place in a small church surrounded by a dozen of their closest family and friends. The reception, a larger party to celebrate with the rest of their friends and family, was held indoors at The Felt Estate. They decorated in bright cheerful colors, focusing on detailed that represented the bride and groom as individuals. Becca's favorite flower, Icelandic Poppies, filled the historic reception area while guests were treated to Tom's favorite craft beers. To keep from assigning seats and separating their guests, the couple chose a full menu of hors d’oeuvres and a dessert of homemade family cookies. After dinner, friends and family danced to songs they had requested on the RSVP before heading home with bags filled with gladioli bulbs and breakfast boxes for the next morning.