A Vibrant, Modern Wedding at a Private Residence in Pebble Beach, California

Maggie Hoak (31 and a director of development at a school) met Brad Jones (31 and a sales director) through common friends. “We later realized that our paths had crossed many times before, but it wasn’t until February 2013 that it stuck,” Maggie says. After getting engaged, Maggie and Brad—who love to entertain in their Virginia home—decided on a vibrant, highly personalized reception at Maggie’s family’s home in Pebble Beach, California. After attending a church ceremony nearby, the 156 guests arrived at Maggie’s family home, which was decorated with colorful bohemian patterns and coastal motifs, including an octopus graphic that adorned the invitations, favor bags and dance floor. “In college as a studio art major I did a whole series on octopuses and in our home we have a large octopus triptych. This was just another way we were able to tie our home into the weekend,” Maggie says. Guests dined on locally sourced seafood, cheeses and desserts and sipped the couple’s favorite California wines before hitting the chandelier-lit dance floor in a large tent on the backyard lawn. “Our wedding was perfect,” Maggie says. “It represented our home, our family and our love of food and wine.” —Carolyn Meers