A Vibrant Mosaic Wedding at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens in Pennsylvania

Jeannine Sloane (31, a teacher) and Robin Wilby (35, a freelance filmmaker) were engaged for 18 months before they got married at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, a gallery with a mosaic sculpture garden where Jeannine spent much of her time as a child. "Philadelphia's Magic Gardens is a transformative environment that exists as a gallery and community arts center," says Jeannine. "With playful elements of light and shadow, color and form, there is not way to leave without seeing yourself, your passion, your secrets and your dreams hidden in the poetry and corners." Through using a teal, turquoise, magenta and yellow palette, there was a balanced combination of bright and muted shades that complimented the recycled material decor used throughout the wedding space. The couple made their own painted mason jar centerpieces, colorfully framed table numbers and rustic photo timeline for guests to enjoy. "We found it important to feel empowered enough to craft our wedding from the ground up so it didn't fit into any too traditional structure that we ourselves could not fit into," says Jeannine. "We encourage you to believe in your ability to create an event that truly represents you, even if it means straying from norms."