A Vibrant, Peruvian-Inspired Wedding at Old Town Farm in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ally Pachelli and Dave Pollack paid tribute to their love of Peru—the place where Dave popped the question—with a vibrant, fun-filled fete at Old Town Farms that included festive cultural touches. “We spent six weeks in Peru on our first extended trip together and fell in love with the country and colors,” Ally says. “We got engaged while in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, and it was a very special place and time for us. We loved how fun and vibrant Peruvian textiles are and wanted to incorporate the bright color palette and textiles into our day.” Peruvian fabric made appearances in everything from the table coverings to the bouquet and boutonniere wraps. For the rest of the decorative details, a color palette featuring every color of the rainbow dominated. “The florals were super bright so they would pop against the Southwestern backdrop,” Ally says. “Inside, we used all greens and garlands for the tables so the fabric would pop and it would look very organic and natural.” For both the ceremony and reception, the couple made an unforgettable entrance. Family members walked down the aisle popping flower guns, and guests formed a pom pom tunnel for Ally and Dave’s grand entrance at the reception. The good times kept rolling after dinner when the band Vanilla Pop took the stage, and got everyone out of their seats and onto the dance floor.