A Vibrant, Relaxed Garden Wedding at Flamingo Gardens in Davie, Florida

“We both wanted an outdoor wedding that felt relaxed and romantic,” Tina Lasorsa (25 and a vintage and antique jewelry dealer) says, which is why she and Sean Gonzalez (27 and a pop culture convention event coordinator) chose the lush Flamingo Gardens. “We had about 100 ‘human’ guests attend and countless birds crash the party. It was fantastic.”

The couple married beneath a floral-filled arbor under a banyan tree surrounded by rose petals, which later served as a colorful snack for the property’s wandering peacocks. Afterward, guests found their seats at tables topped with vases of varying heights, textures, shapes, hues and blooms. 

“We wanted something that felt romantic, intimate and comfortable,” Tina says of their day’s vibe. 

Flamingo-pink flowers along with orange blooms topped the nearly-naked cake.

Canary yellow, teal, fuchsia and marigold hues were found throughout the décor, including the escort cards displayed on a macramé stand the florist built. During the reception, Tina and Sean shared a first dance to Arthur Russell’s “A Little Lost”—a song on the first mix CD Sean ever made for Tina.

“It looked like the blossoms were pouring from my hands,” Tina says. “It was spectacular.”