A Vibrant, Rustic Wedding at The Garrison in Garrison, New York

Rustic doesn't have to mean dark and masculine. Just ask Lauren Wilson (31 and a social media and public relations manager for Nautica) and Jonathan Policke (30 and an mechanical engineer)—the couple incorporated a bright, cheery color palette of yellow and red into their rustic aesthetic, giving their woodsy wedding a serious breath of fresh air. The Garrison provided the perfect backdrop for Lauren and Jonathan's laid-back nuptials and came with plenty of built-in decor, including a one-of-a-kind pergola made from salvaged branches. And lucky for us, Jessica Oh Photography got it all on film. "The Hudson Valley is beautiful in the fall: The foliage is so spectacular, we knew it would be the perfect spot for our September wedding," Lauren says. "And the views at The Garrison are just so incredible." Lauren says it was their long (two-year engagement) that enabled them to pull it all off without a planner. "Long engagements are the best. You can really take the time to plan, save for and create your perfect wedding. Do a little bit of planning each week, so the workload doesn't get overwhelming -- especially if you don't have a planner and are organizing it on your own." When the big day finally arrived, they both took time to enjoy the moment. "It's important to take a second to look around at all the people who are there celebrating with you," Lauren says. "It is really humbling."