A Vibrant Spanish Tile Themed Wedding at The Garlic Press in Midland, Texas

Gerenda Lea Johnson (37 and a pastry chef) and Joshua Scott Washburn (44 and an executive chef) cooked up a DIY wedding at their Midland restaurant, accented with colorful Spanish, Moroccan and Mexican textiles.

A bright color palette included burgundy, teal, eggplant, golden yellow, olive green and pumpkin orange. “It was a very fall color scheme for a spring wedding, but it looked beautiful!” Gerenda says.

The colorful invitation suite was inspired by Moroccan tiles and was sealed with gold wax.

Playing into the theme, they passed out Spanish fans and tiny maracas as favors.

Although she’s a pastry chef, Gerenda asked three of her “absolute favorite” colleagues to each make a confection: chocolate and orange with handmade cookie decorations, lemon raspberry with hand-painted designs and edible Spanish flowers, and classic bourbon vanilla with fondant Mexican tiles.