A Vibrant, Urban Wedding at Smog Shoppe in Culver City, California

Lexi Foster (24 and a student at USC School of Pharmacy) met Jordan Lang (26 and a senior financial analyst) when they were undergrads at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles. They were friends for a year, until a spontaneous first date (late-night doughnuts and hot chocolate at the beach) changed the tone. For their ceremony and reception for 140 guests at Smog Shoppe, a refurbished 1980s-era auto shop in Culver City, California, Lexi and Jordan created a vibrant, eclectic theme that honored the city where they fell in love. Their colors mirrored the striking palette of LA’s epic sunsets (red, orange, pink and fuchsia), and the decorative details melded contemporary and vintage aesthetics. “We took a lot of inspiration from the midcentury-modern California style and tried to combine the natural and urban aspects that make up LA,” Lexi says. “We also loved the venue's funky vintage vibe. But we also liked the space for it’s blank-canvas feel and used it to contrast a lot of bright colors in the rest of our wedding.” The celebrations ended with late-night tacos (an LA staple) and a spread of desserts. “Looking back, this was such a fun thing we got to do together as a couple,” Lexi says. “Even though it was stressful at times, it was great to have my best friend to plan this super-awesome party with.” —Carolyn Meers