A Vibrant Vintage Wedding at Queens County Farm Museum in Glen Oaks, New York

The best part of Jennie Jeddry (33 and a freelance camera assistant) and Kim DeLise's (38 and a freelance script supervisor) vintage farm wedding is t

The best part of Jennie Jeddry (33 and a freelance camera assistant) and Kim DeLise's (38 and a freelance script supervisor) vintage farm wedding is the story behind their unique design inspiration. The couple drew from one of their favorite films, the 1960s Federico Fellini movie '8 1/2.' "In the movie there is a wedding on the beach that's more like a rustic, abundant feast," explains Jennie. "The wedding is fun and beautiful -- not exactly elegant but certainly not rigid or symmetrical." Jennie and Kim enlisted the help of their florist, Rose Red & Lavender, to mirror this aesthetic for their own wedding at Queens County Farm Museum with an updated color palette of magenta, cobalt blue and gold. In keeping with their vintage vibe, Jennie wore a dress her great-grandmother made in 1900 that she accessorized with a beaded Victorian purse that belonged to her great-aunt. ReadyLuck captured it all -- from the adorable first look to the couple's visit with some of the venue's residents: chickens! Splendid Corp. designed the one-of-a-kind invitation suite inspired by vintage movie posters and title scenes. From Jennie: "Have fun at your own wedding and do not sweat the details. Hand it all off to the pros and your friends before your wedding day, and try to relax. They will have your back. Keep the focus on the love between you and your partner and in the room and nothing can go wrong."

The couple showed their stationer, Lissi Erwin, some vintage Fellini movie posters, and she came up with bright, unique invitations that were inspired by movie titles. "Some of the backgrounds were from title sequences in movies we love -- like Almodovar and Fellini opening credits, but disguised and reworked within the design," explains Jennie.
"We wanted vintage looks but nothing too costume-y," Jennie says of their style. "So we wore what we love!" Jennie donned a dress from 1900 made by her great grandmother.
Jennie's main accessory was a Victorian beaded purse belonging to her great-aunt.
Scabiosa Bridal Boutonniere
Wooden Farm Signs
Kim wore a custom vest made by Bindle & Keep, which she complemented with Giorgio Armani pants and jacket.
"We picked Queens County Farm Museum because most of our friends and family are in New York and we wanted to get married within the five boroughs -- it’s our home," says Jennie. "It’s very cool to have this patch of farm right in the middle of the city! Our guests were in awe of it, as were we!"
Jennie and Kim Wedding Ceremony Vows
Rustic Flower Arrangement With Pine Cone Ginger
Guests threw gold confetti at the couple during the recessional. "It was such a lively and fun moment. We felt so loved when people showered us with confetti and cheered for us!" recalls Jennie.
Jennie and Kim Queens County Farm Museum Wedding
Tented Cobalt Blue Escort Cards
Vintage Milk Glass With Burgundy Dahlia Centerpiece
Clementines in Blue Milk Glass Centerpiece
Jennie and Kim had their first dance to "To Love Somebody" by Nina Simone. "It's beautiful and complex and romantic, and we've always felt like we both came out of the blue for each other when neither of us was looking for a relationship," explains Jennie. "We fell in love and we still ask each other, 'What the heck happened? Who are you? How can we love each other like this? What brought us together?' We’re still not sure, but we’re going with it! It really does seem mysterious sometimes."
Naked Fresh-Fruit-Covered Wedding Cake
Jennie and Kim sent guests home with maple syrup made by Jennie's friend Lance from the woods where she grew up. "We bought two jugs of it and had a party where we filled 150 little bottles full of syrup through a funnel -- it was a sticky party!" says Jennie. "People are still talking about how good his syrup is."
"Queens County Farm Museum is the oldest continuously working farm in New York State, and it’s a place where city kids can go to learn about animals and farming, so we were happy to give our money to a place like that," says Jennie.
Jennie wore her hair in a low bun with vintage finger waves. "It was comfortable, and even though it didn’t look sprayed or pinned, I think there were 130 bobby pins and half a bottle of hairspray," she says. "I could do all my crazy moves on the dance floor with no worries that it would come out. It looked 'natural' but actually precision-crafted sculpture!"