A Vibrant Wedding at a Private Residence in Billings, Montana

Lesli and Zach have known of each other for a long time, having grown up in the same town and hung out occasionally at the same spot, but they never really got to know each other well until Lesli returned to Montana after living in Washington. One month after moving back, the two were dating and were pretty much inseparable. Zach proposed at his own barbecue birthday party, where friends and family flew into town on short notice to celebrate the pair's engagement. Shortly after they began planning a wedding that put personal at the forefront. "We really wanted our wedding to represent both of us and our style. We didn't like the idea of doing things just because you're supposed to. We chose not to have wedding colors but instead went with a pretty broad palate to guide the planning. I think it was about 13 different colors," Lesli says of the couple's aesthetic. One of our favorite parts of this wedding has to be the flower arrangements. With such a wide variety of blooms, Lesli and Zach truly were able to pull off the no-color-palette color palette. "We told our florist (Mac's Floral) "that I wanted it to look like someone just happened to run through a garden and come out on the other side with a beautiful mismatched array of everything. We loved the idea of everything being a little different and using greens and fruits and vegetables in addition to flowers," says Lesli. Since both love to read, each centerpiece also focused on books and Patricia Clarke Events pulled the whole thing together. See the beautiful pictures, shot by Lauren Brown Photography, below.