A Victorian Western-Inspired Wedding at Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort in Nathrop, Colorado

Inspired by their adventurous personalities and natural Colorado venue, Becky Light (30 and a nonprofit administrator) and Brad Light (51 and an actor) decided on a Victorian western aesthetic for their day. “We both love westerns and share an adventurous and optimistic spirit, so it was a perfect theme for us,” Becky says. Since they were on a budget, the couple decided to make a lot of the details themselves, including the crepe-and-vintage-book paper rose centerpieces. Although the centerpieces didn't consist of real flowers, it was important to Becky and Brad that they have real flowers in the ceremony. The couple worked with Jane Hudon from Rancho Verde Flowers to create all the lush sunflower and daisy florals that added a pop of color to the green location. “The ceremony was on a meadow next a babbling brook, and we really wanted real flowers there to have harmony with the environment,” Becky says. “Brad's favorite flower is a sunflower. Mine is a daisy. I didn't tell him ahead of time but surprised him on the day by carrying a bouquet of daisies and sunflowers. At first I was worried the flowers would clash with our palette of pinks and greens, but when it came right down to it, I decided that something that personal and meaningful was so much more important than whether it matched. Our florist was so amazing, and it ended up looking beyond my wildest dreams!” Their stunning venue—Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort Nathrop, Colorado—inspired all the details with its rustic ambience and gorgeous mountains. Becky and Brad chose the remote location because it was one of the first places Brad ever took Becky when they visited Colorado together for the first time. “It was during the winter, and I'll never forget sitting in the creek with snow all around us as hot-spring water bubbled up from underground,” Becky says. “It's really a magical place.” There are so many details we love—see them all, beautifully captured by Autumn Twilight Photography, below.