A Vineyard Wedding at Chateau St. Jean in Kenwood California

Every year, The Knot plans one lucky couple's Dream Wedding. This year, we threw Samantha Carsick (29 and an interior designer) and Taylor Sinclair (29 and a sports medicine sales consultant) an elegant winery wedding full of high-tech bells and whistles. Streamed for the world to see, it gave everyone a glimpse at the future of weddings. But we didn't do it alone—tens of thousands of you helped us pick the details, including the flowers, invitations and the bride's dress. Of course, we had some of the most talented wedding pros in the world pitching in, including planner Jeannie Savage and photographer Jasmine Star. "Thanks to every amazing vendor who sponsored their time and services to such a deserving couple," Savage says. "They were the most gracious and sweet couple ever!"

High-tech "toys" like a robot bartender, 3-D printed cake topper and cuff links for the groomsmen, a GoPro in the bride's bouquet, selfie sticks and a smartphone charging station for guests to use, and wearable technology that tracked the pair's movements )as well as their heart rates during the ceremony) catapulted the wedding into the future. But these extras played a much more meaningful role for the deserving couple: Samantha's mother, who couldn't attend due to her health, was able to watch the ceremony and reception from afar through a live stream.