A Vineyard Wedding in Kenwood, CA

Tami and Brian had a class together during their first semester of law school at Santa Clara University. Each thought the other was cute but they didn’t talk until second semester, when they spent a lot of time together in the library and became inseparable. Tami invited Brian to visit her and her family in the Philippines over their sophomore winter break year, and he happily accepted. The two had silently been falling in love, but the trip marked their official transition from friends to couple. The Bride Tami Puno, 31, a lawyer The Groom Brian Shaffer, 28, a lawyer The Date July 4 On their two-year anniversary, Brian planned a trip to Napa Valley, complete with dinner in a private room! As soon as they were seated, Tami sensed a proposal coming. But Brian threw her off with his toast. He thanked her for a wonderful two years, and that was it. Tami realized she was mistaken -- until two minutes later when Brian said he had one more toast to make and got down on one knee. They spent the next six months planning a wedding in wine country, at a venue Tami had secretly picked out years in advance.