A Vineyard Wedding with a Mix of Modern and Vintage Accents at Chateau Margene in Creston, California

Vintage decor accented with modern flair created a dynamic contrast at this outdoor vineyard wedding, softened by a neutral color palette with wooden

Vintage decor accented with modern flair created a dynamic contrast at this outdoor vineyard wedding, softened by a neutral color palette with wooden detail for the perfect balance. “When we saw this winery, we knew it was the perfect place for our wedding,” Naomi Szto-Smith (33 and an architect) says of her marriage to Nathan Smith (29 and an architect). “It had this amazing grand tree for our ceremony, large open space for our reception and really good wine.” The couple had their wedding at Chateau Margene in Creston, California, where they were married underneath a large oak tree in front of the estate on the property, captured on camera by Megan Tsang Studio. Naomi held a lush bouquet arranged by April Flowers that overflowed with peonies, roses and dahlias mixed with hanging greenery. Long wooden dining tables were decorated with similar high and low arrangements at the reception, positioned underneath lights that started to twinkle as the day turned to night, planned by the help of A Perfect Day Wedding & Event Design. One of our favorite details was the rustic display table—with home-brewed beers and jarred jams for guests to take home—decorated with small vintage clocks and topped with elegant floral touches. “We love to give people gifts and enjoy the act of making things for others,” Naomi says. “As favors, we made blackberry and strawberry jam, which was an old family recipe from Nathan's grandma. We also gave out home-brewed beer with styles and names stemming from our New York beginnings, from 112th Street IPA to Brooklyn Berliner Weisse.”

Assortment of Wedding Jewelry
Naomi held a soft-colored bouquet filled with garden roses, peonies, roses and smaller floral accents mixed with hanging greenery. The flower arrangement was tied around the stems by dangling pieces of pink ribbon.
Chrysanthemum Boutonnieres Accented With Greenery
Ivory Cathedral Veil Made of Tulle
Peony and Greenery Flower Arrangement
“We got married under the large oak tree in front of the house and had all our guests under the canopy of the tree,” Naomi says. “By having our ceremony at the front of the house where the guests arrived, we were able to keep our reception hidden until after the ceremony.”
Naomi stood in the middle of her bridesmaids, who wore a variety of dresses in different shades of blue and gray. All the ladies stood with one another, holding their lush bouquets filled with a soft-colored wildflowers.
Long Wooden Dining Tables
Escort cards were printed on white stationery and accented with dark blue text and animal designs. Each card was marked with a personalized pin that had the couple's logo on it, and were neatly positioned on top of beige napkins at the table for the wedding at Chateau Margene in Creston, California.
Dining tables were decorated with flower centerpieces of chrysanthemums and roses accented with greens, arranged inside wooden boxes that contributed to the rustic feel of the wedding. "We kept the flowers very natural and incorporated a lot of leafy foliage into the arrangements, which were mixed with subtle pops of color," Naomi says.
“The groomsmen wore gray vests and slacks with different bow ties that we had given to them as gifts,” Naomi says. “The bridesmaid dresses were different blues and grays, which were chosen by each bridesmaid. Their shoes also ranged from yellows to blues to add a pop of color. We didn't want everyone to match exactly, but we wanted everything to look cohesive.”
At the reception, stacks of freshly made jams were displayed for guests to take home, with tags attached to each jar that had the couple's personalized logo on them. Behind the jar arrangement was a tall wooden piece decorated with flowers, and on top were home-brewed bottles of beer that were given out as wedding favors as well.
Guests were given home-brewed beer that were capped and decorated with the couple’s logo for the wedding day. The beer names were inspired by New York, from 112th Street IPA to Brooklyn Berliner Weisse.
“We rented several pieces of vintage furniture and mixed in our modern details,” Naomi says. “We also incorporated many of our own pieces, including a lighted ampersand sign that we have in our apartment, which we used at our sweetheart table.”
“I knew I didn't want a white or ivory dress, and my dress was not too traditional, so I loved it,” Naomi says. “It was a strapless dress and had a beautiful lace detail with a cafe-colored layer underneath. It had a short chapel-length train and had a beautiful silhouette even when it was bustled. Plus, it was a great dancing dress.”
A dessert spread was arranged on top of a wooden table, which included macarons on elegant white stands, brightly colored candy in glass jars and the traditional white wedding cake accented with flowers.