A Vintage, Art Deco Wedding at The Monte-Criso Ballroom in Everett, Washington

Kelly Jean (33, an Army commander) and Michael Langan (32, in Army networking) happened to be seated at the same table at a retirement dinner while they were both stationed in Germany. They discovered they had many shared interests and hobbies, and instantly hit it off! The couple decided to get legally married in the Netherlands in order to remain together while traveling for the Army. Two years later, they had their real wedding at The Monte-Cristo Ballroom in Everett, Washington. Their wedding theme was inspired by the 1920s and used a gold, silver, ivory and purple color palette to create an art deco look. Kelly wore a vintage-styled ivory wedding dress with a fox fur that she purchased from London. Kelly had her hair done in a classic Marcel-waved style that was inspired by “Downton Abby,” one of her favorite shows. The ceremony alter had a fireplace that was decorated with flower arrangements of gladiolas, Bells of Ireland, succulents and rustic vines. Kelly purchased antique dinnerware and combined them with pearls, books, peacock feathers and Clementine for reception centerpieces. Cupcakes were served as the choice of dessert for the night, and following the reception was a party at a nearby casino.