A Vintage Aviation-Themed Wedding at 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant in Van Nuys, California

Gary Cosentino (55 and an aeronautical engineer for NASA) loves planes so much that Bonnie Gills (43 and an export administrator) tied them into every aspect of their vintage-styled wedding day. They got married at 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant (an aviation-themed restaurant) and even had plane-shaped escort cars, a propeller guest book and a Bundt cake topped with a gilded vintage airplane. Bonnie infused her style into the day by weaving 1920s details throughout. "It was a mix of Gary and me," she says. "I'm feathers and pearls and he's all about the airplanes." Bonnie and her sisters made all the bouquets the night before the wedding. "We truly enjoyed creating these together," she says. "I will never forget the memories of laughter and creativity." —Meghan Overdeep