A Vintage, Botanical-Inspired Wedding at the Prospect Park Boathouse in Brooklyn, New York

Alyssa Roberts (28 and a fashion designer) and Reid Comstock (28 and a philosophy PhD student) looked to unconventional blooms to create a one-of-a-kind reception in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Untamed arrangements of Venus fly traps, king proteas, spiked thistles and sweet-smelling herbs housed in glass terrariums lent botanical flair, and Victorian seed packets acted as table numbers.

Literary notes also dotted the celebration. The pair displayed personalized escort cards in a turn-of-the-century library card catalog. “Reid designed all of the cards to resemble vintage library cards with a book description that was suited to each guest,” Alyssa says.

Alyssa’s striking gown was made of silk tulle and French Chantilly lace. Bridesmaids stood out in patterned gowns complete with pockets, while Alyssa’s friend Erik donned a blue bow tie for his role as the man of honor. To represent her “something blue,” Alyssa sewed a single piece of blue ribbon onto her tulle gown, which she later swapped for a shorter sheath just before the reception.

Vintage porcelain toppers dating back to the 1920s adorned the couple’s classic yellow cake. Jazz tunes from the ’20s and ’30s played while partygoers sipped on-theme cocktails like The Reid-ing Rainbow. When the night came to a close, guests tossed dried flower petals and shook tambourines as the newlyweds made their grand exit.