A Vintage-Chic Industrial Wedding at the Loft on Pine in Long Beach, California

Michelle McCreary (36 and a photographer) and Daley Hake (27 and a photographer) were coworkers and friends for about two years when Daley was, out of the blue, offered a gig to travel all over South America for three months. "His decision to take that job was really the catalyst for us getting together," Michelle says. "We talked almost every day he was gone, and his first day back in the States—after 18-plus hours of travel—we went on our first date." On Thanksgiving Day eight months later he surprised her at her family home in Houston, Texas, and asked her to marry him. When it came time to plan their wedding, finding a space that fit both their style and budget proved tricky. "But when I stumbled on photos of the Loft on Pine in Long Beach, California, it took my breath away," Michelle says. "Seeing the space in person confirmed that it was the spot for us. It’s a beautiful historic building with exposed brick, ornate wood details and industrial charm." The creative couple decorated the space with gorgeous DIY details (including the 300 wine bottles they spray-painted gold for the centerpieces). A timeless and glam palette of blush, white, black, ivory and gold tied it all together. —Meghan Overdeep