A Vintage, European-Inspired Wedding at Villa Woodbine in Miami, Florida

Carolina Valdes-Lora and Karol Ecker are self-proclaimed old souls. Together, the couple agreed on a timeless, ethereal wedding theme that incorporated old-world, vintage-inspired European elements and lavish white trimmings. “Our Cuban and Polish cultures, plus our love for history and architecture, influenced the style and decoration,” Carolina says. “We love tradition and appreciate things of value that stand the test of time.” The pair made sure that the ceremony reflected that through and through. The junior flower girl wore a Victorian lace collar that Carolina found online. Carolina modeled her custom-designed lace and silk gown after actress Grace Kelly’s royal wedding dress. To add to the antique vibe, the dessert table was covered with a crochet tablecloth used in Carolina’s grandparents’ wedding in Cuba. The bride decided on their classic palette, which was made of ivory, green, gold, brown and antique metals, after looking at the weddings of historic American families, such as the Rockefellers and the Vanderbilts for inspiration. Guests sat picnic-style at long rows of tables draped with white rose garlands.