A Vintage-Inspired Florida Wedding at Tarpon Creek in Marathon, Florida

Katrina Konrath (27 and an elementary school teacher) and Frank Vastano (27 and a florist and garden center buyer) met as children growing up in the Florida Keys. Katrina’s father, a designer, actually built Frank’s family’s vacation home. Then five years ago, at a family dinner, the two caught a spark between them. They discovered a connection that extended beyond their childhood and included a love of fishing and traveling. That same connection united them on their wedding day in Marathon, Florida. Inspired by the beauty that surrounded them as children, Katrina and Frank chose a vintage Florida theme for their wedding. Using Kimberly's family’s recently renovated home in Marathon as the ceremony venue, Tarpon Creek (their first-date spot) as the reception hall, her aunt as a wedding planner, Frank’s nursery for florals and family and friends to decorate, the two created a day that truly defined who they are as a couple and included the most important people in their lives. “We wanted to create an open, airy, romantic and laid-back experience for our guests,” Katrina says. From the flowers to the attire, the tone was set with a romantic, old-Florida charm. Frank and Katrina even honey harvested the wedding favors on their New Jersey farm, giving the smallest details a personal touch. “With over half the guests traveling from around the country, we wanted everyone celebrating our love to experience the beauty of the island life that we fell in love with together,” Katrina says. —Ginger Harris