A Vintage-Inspired, Industrial Wedding at the Roundhouse in Beacon, New York

For their midsummer wedding in Beacon, New York, Ashley Tallevi (28 and a PhD candidate) and Charlie Milner (28 and a software engineer) pulled off an Art Deco-inspired fete with a hint of modern, industrial appeal. Wanting guests to feel like they’d been whisked off for a fun and relaxing weekend, Ashley and Charlie hosted the event at the Roundhouse in New York's Hudson Valley, overlooking a striking waterfall and a rushing creek. “We wanted a location that felt like a vacation but was still convenient for most of our guests. The Hudson Valley filled the bill, and we loved the industrial aesthetic, natural beauty and delicious food at the Roundhouse,” Ashley says. The festivities kicked off with a ceremony officiated by Ashley’s brother-in-law, Billy Meyer. “We had long joked that he would marry us, and when it came down to actually planning the ceremony, we couldn’t imagine anyone with a more admirable spiritual commitment who was as grounded in love and family,” Ashley says. The couple personalized the proceedings with an excerpt from Philip Pullman’s "The Amber Spyglass" and from Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court's 2015 decision granting same-sex couples the right to marry. Carriage lanterns surrounded by wreaths of eucalyptus lined the flagstone aisle, leading to a whimsical backdrop of cascading white orchids. After the ceremony, Ashley and Charlie ushered their guests into the Roundhouse for the reception. Exposed-brick walls, silver jacquard tablecloths and mercury-glass accents established a chic old-world vibe, which paired perfectly with the old-school tunes that kept the dance floor packed. “We were incredibly lucky in that we had my dad’s soul band play a 10-song set, which they kicked off with our favorite Otis Redding song. My dad handed off his saxophone to dance to ‘My Girl’ with me, and Charlie and his mother danced to Kermit the Frog’s ‘Rainbow Connection,’ ” Ashley says. A tip from Ashley: “Our venue put a sampling of our appetizers on a tray for Charlie and me in the room where we signed the wedding certificate, so we were married on paper and officially fed. It was the only way I got anything to eat during the first part of the wedding. So if you can, try to request it.” —Libby MacCarthy