A Vintage, Rustic Wedding at a Private Residence in Decatur Island, Washington

                                        Erica Headley (38 and a producer) and Duncan Robertson's (32 and a producer) wedding increased the populatio

Erica Headley (38 and a producer) and Duncan Robertson's (32 and a producer) wedding increased the population of Decatur Island, Washington—a remote island off the coast of Seattle—by 200 percent. The island has no paved roads, no stores, no hotels and no restaurants, and is accessible only by private boat, plane or water taxi. But the logistical concerns associated with planning a wedding on a secluded island were far outweighed by the beauty and peacefulness of the setting. With that in mind, they made it a priority to make sure they their decor didn't distract from the natural beauty of their surroundings. "Our look as a couple has always been very DIY yet classy. We would rather look a little unkept but comfortable than sharp and polished," Erica says. "This carried over to our wedding in small ways: The table coverings had frayed edges, and our tabletops were adorned with Ball jars and galvanized buckets. In general, our colors were pastels and creams, but our aesthetic was about texture: burlap, leather, metal patina, sun-bleached driftwood and dried flowers." After a ceremony under a driftwood arch with views of Davis Bay and the North Cascades, guests feasted on fresh Dungeness crab caught right off the island's coast. Each table was labeled by the alcohol it contained, forcing guests to get up and mingle to select the type of drink they wanted. "People really responded well to this and enjoyed making drinks for one another," Erica says. "People love to get creative." —Meghan Overdeep

Blue and White Floral Wedding Invitation
Wildflower Boutonniere
Lace Wedding Dress With Illusion Back
White and Cream Bridesmaid Dresses
Rustic Driftwood Ceremony Arch
Wooden Farm Table With White Runner
Antique Car Photo Backdrop
Davis Bay Wedding Reception