A Vintage, Rustic Wedding at a Private Residence in Miami, Florida

Roxy Velazquez (31 and an administrative assistant) and Rodney Velazquez (40 and a physical therapist) knew they wanted the wedding to reflect them in every way, so they held the celebration in their home. "We loved the idea of being able to go into our yard and reminisce on our special day," Roxy says. They hand-picked every vintage couch and wooden table and covered the space with their favorite arrangements from Flowers International Events. Hydrangeas and roses in every soft hue spanned from the actual palm tree wedding arch to the breakaway base tablescapes. We especially love that they made the day even more personalized by mixing up the schedule. "From the beginning, I wanted the timeline to work around lighting and our guests, so instead of jumping into the ceremony, we had the cocktail hour first," Roxy says. Everyone had a homemade glass of sangria or a whiskey sour as they celebrated the nuptials. Catch all these moments—plus dancing in the rain!—as they were beautifully shot by both Chris Sosa Photography and Next Chapter Photo, below.