A Vintage Waterfront Wedding at Crane's Lochaven Wilderness Lodge in Ontario, Canada

Megan Stinson (29, a Nurse) first met Alan Burleson (31, a Commercial Banker) at Megan's family fishing resort when she was eleven and he was thirteen. The couple dated long distance for two years before Megan moved to Pennsylvania to be with Alan.  After a Christmas engagement, the couple decided to hold their wedding at Crane's Lochaven Wilderness Lodge, the place where they first met. Since Alan is from the United States and Megan is from Canada, they couple worked together to blend their upbringings into their wedding. Their color palette was cherry red, powder blue and antique white--a nod towards the red, white and blue American flag and the red and white Canadian flag. Megan and Alan both love vintage things as well, so they incorporated a lot of vintage elements in their wedding, like the blue suitcase the soap favors (that Megan made herself!) were displayed in.