A Vintage Wedding in Sausalito, CA

Yvonne met Alex at a birthday party for her roommate’s coworker, who happened to be best friends with Alex. It was December, and Yvonne had just graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. Alex was in his senior year at Stanford. The two hit it off immediately and started a San Francisco-Palo Alto commuting relationship that lasted about a year -- they broke up when Alex moved to Japan to teach English. After two years in Japan, Alex relocated to San Francisco for law school. He and Yvonne saw each other occasionally, but things were strictly platonic. About a year later, Alex invited Yvonne to Tahoe for a ski weekend with a group of people and the trip rekindled their romance. The Bride Yvonne Sung, 29, an advertising/media supervisior The Groom Alex Kingsley, 29, a lawyer The Date August 29 The following Thanksgiving, while the two were in Dallas celebrating with Yvonne’s family, Alex popped the question. They spent the first year of their two-year engagement enjoying their status before starting to plan. As a nod to their Francophile ways (and Alex’s half-French heritage), they came up with a Parisian vintage theme.