A Vintage Winter Wedding at Flanagan Farm in Buxton, Maine

Lexie (29 and a massage therapist) and Shane Diamond (29 and a nonprofit executive director) fused New England romanticism with rustic charm for an intimate winter wedding in Maine’s countryside. Flanagan Farm in Buxton, Maine, offered the ideal backdrop for the personality-packed fete, with its tranquil natural setting and quaint white barn. “Because of the unpredictable New England weather in December, we wanted to keep folks in one location,” Lexie says. “The space at the Barn at Flanagan Farm was the perfect size and canvas. We were able to take advantage of the entire property, including having first looks in the woods, the ceremony and reception in the main barn and the house for ourselves and guests as a getaway for the weekend.” Capturing the essence of the season, Shane and Lexie worked a palette of natural hues, such as gray, navy, ivory and sage and sprinkled lush, wintery greens (including pine, cedar and evergreen throughout), a tribute to Maine’s woodland landscape. Every element of the ceremony carried a distinctly Shane-and-Lexie flair. They wrote their own ceremony, complete with Jewish traditions that paid tribute to Shane’s roots, a live jazz rendition of the Beatles’ “Blackbird” and their own heartfelt vows (with a few off-the-cuff additions, of course). With both the ceremony and reception taking place in the barn, each part of the evening flowed seamlessly into the next. “The idea was that people would feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment they walked into the barn until the moment they danced out,” Shane says. Cocktail hour and dinner took guests on a culinary journey through their history, with each element of the menu reflecting a part of their story. Green chiles from New Mexico paid tribute to Shane’s Southwestern routes, French macarons served as a nod to New Orleans (where the couple’s love story unfolded), and vegetables sweetened with Maine maple syrup gave guests a taste of Shane and Lexie’s New England home. A family-style dinner and seating brought people together and encouraged conversation. The duo spent months curating the perfect playlist for the affair, and they even took dance lessons from a friend beforehand for their dance floor debut. A traditional hora was, of course, included to kick off the party. Shane offers a few tips: “Wine Wedding Wednesday for the win. It not only gave us a chance to prioritize planning but also prevented planning from taking over our lives. The chance to do homework during the week also kept us accountable." "Also, your wedding is yours," Lexie says. "Feel free to express that! Everyone and their mother and their mother’s cousin and your mother is going to have an opinion, but set your boundaries. This day is for you and your partner. It should represent your values as a couple and celebrate those who have supported you along the way. Take help when it is offered, and get creative. Enjoy the whole process. And most important, drink water and eat on the day of!” —Libby MacCarthy