A Wedding at the Fashion Industry Gallery in Dallas, Texas

Rachel was enjoying her first week back in Dallas after moving from Kansas City when a mutual friend introduced her to David. David asked for her number that night. He called the next day and said, “I know I’m breaking all the rules, but I wanted to wish you good luck for your first day at work—and take you to dinner on Wednesday.” Rachel was thrilled he hadn’t abided by the “wait three days to call” guideline and happily accepted. The Bride Rachel Laker, 27, account executive The Groom David Alexander, 29, attorney The Date November 15 Four years later, they were still together. The only problem? Their parents had never met! When David learned that Rachel’s parents would be in town at the same time his were planning to be, he decided to give them something to celebrate. He took Rachel out to dinner and proposed after dessert. For their wedding, the couple went with a black-and-white color combo with red accents.