A Wedding in a Factory in Chicago, Illinois

A guy and a girl walk into a bar. For Robyn Goldman and Jordan Witkov, it’s not the beginning of a joke; it’s their love story! Fast-forward three-and-a-half years: Jordan had a creative proposal plan. The Bride Robyn Goldman, 30, cardiac technologist The Groom Jordan Witkov, 29, gallery owner The Date June 7 A few months earlier, Jordan had commissioned Robyn’s favorite designer to make sweater-doll versions of him and their dog. The night before Thanksgiving, Jordan told Robyn to meet him at his gallery. When she arrived, Jordan asked if she could grab something out of the closet on the lower level. She saw the sweater dolls on a chair with one addition -- a doll of Robyn, holding a purse and wearing an engagement ring. The real ring was inside the purse with a note attached.