A Wes Anderson-Inspired Wedding at Malmö Art Museum in Malmö, Sweden

The wedding of Louise Falk (31 and a psychologist) and Oscar Falk (30 and a psychologist) was like a movie. Specifically, it was like a whimsical movi

The wedding of Louise Falk (31 and a psychologist) and Oscar Falk (30 and a psychologist) was like a movie. Specifically, it was like a whimsical movie by their favorite director, Wes Anderson. Everything from the venue to the wedding favors was planned with Wes Anderson in mind. Louise and Oscar decided to get married at Malmö Art Museum, a museum located in a historic castle in a moated area of Malmö, Sweden. "It seemed appropriate to get married at a museum since our wedding theme was inspired by Wes Anderson's films," Louise says, because in one of the director's most famous movies, The Royal Tenenbaums, two characters camp out in a museum. Instead of the usual flower arrangements, Louise and Oscar decorated their themed reception tables with silver candelabras and centerpieces based on different Wes Anderson movies. The Royal Tenenbaum table featured a miniature of the house that the Tenenbaums live in. Small tents and a banner reading "Camp Ivanhoe" decorated the Moonrise Kingdom table. And of course, The Grand Budapest Hotel table showcased the movie's iconic pink hotel itself. Other Wes Anderson-inspired details included the Moonrise Kingdom "Let's Go On an Adventure" programs, the "Mendl's Patisserie" wedding favors from The Grand Budapest Hotel and cupcakes decorated with fondant motifs from all of the different movies. Photographer Loke Roos was there to capture the all of the awesome whimsical details!

Louise carried a unique bridal bouquet made up of succulents, thistles and holly along with ivory roses and dusty miller for her fall wedding.
Oscar wore a three-piece tweed suit with a burgundy tie on his wedding day. The suit complemented the Wes Anderson theme because many of the director's movies are nostalgic and take place in the past circa 1950.
Louise wore a non-traditional, knee-length wedding dress in the style of the 1950s. She paired her dress with a fur stole for the fall weather, and she styled her hair in a chignon for the day.
"The ceremony was intimate and very personal," Louise says. "Two friends sang and played guitar, and the wedding officiant had made a ceremony just for us with personal anecdotes and poems. It was a very special moment to share with family and friends!"
The dining tables at the reception each featured centerpieces based on different Wes Anderson movies. One of the tables had a model of the house from 'The Royal Tenenbaums.'
At the center of each dining table was a lit silver candelabra. One of the dining tables had a centerpiece that resembled Camp Ivanhoe from 'Moonrise Kingdom.' The reception programs and menus also reference 'Moonrise Kingdom.'
Another centerpiece at the reception was a miniature of the hotel from 'The Grand Budapest Hotel.' As wedding favors, Louise and Oscar gave their guests Mendl's Patisserie cake boxes with magnets in them.
The cupcakes for dessert were decorated with motifs from Wes Anderson movies. One such motif was the yellow submarine from 'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.'
Floral Hair Accessory and White Rose Boutonniere