A Whimsical Bohemian Wedding at The Country Loft in Woodbury, Connecticut

Brianna Cihi (24 and a marketing account manager) and Keith Madia (26 and in adventure programming) share a history that dates back to their childhood: They grew up at the same yacht club taking sailing and swimming lessons together. "My friends and I would watch his band play on the weekends in high school, and he was just so dreamy!" says Brianna. One summer, while they were home from college, Keith worked up the courage to ask Brianna if she wanted to go sailing sometime… for old times’ sake. Nearly five years later, their relationship had seen them through college, living together on a sailboat for six months, and moving to Utah where they knew no one but each other. One night after work, Keith asked if Brianna wanted to go watch the sunset from their favorite mountainside. When the couple arrived at their spot, Keith yelled to the dogs not to eat the sticks in the field down below, and when Brianna turned to look she saw the sticks read, “MARRY ME.” The bride and groom were both raised in Connecticut and felt there was no other place they could envision spending their day, so the Country Loft in the historic town of Woodbury was ideal for them, especially since the property allowed them to bring their dogs. Brianna knew she wanted bare feet, a flower crown and everyone the couple loved at their wedding. Guests were told straight away that their own shoes were optional, too. Following the casual bohemian outdoor ceremony, the cocktail hour and reception were held just a few dozen yards from the ceremony on the patio overlooking the pond. “Our families and friends always refer to us as a couple of hippies, so we kind of ran with that,” says Brianna. “I was barefoot, our beloved dogs were our ring bearer and flower girl, we used our living room rug as our ‘altar,’ our matching turquoise wedding bands were handmade by a farmer in his barn in Northern Utah, and most importantly, we wrote our own vows. On the back of our programs, we wrote a heartfelt thank you to all of the beautiful people in our lives. We tried to make sure our guests knew how much they meant to us, that day and always.” After the DJ died down around midnight, the remaining guests roasted marshmallows around a huge campfire by the pond. Brianna loved that her wedding dress smelled like a camping trip the next morning.