A Harry Potter–Themed Wedding at a Private Residence in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

For their spring wedding, Stephanie Horner and David Hopple let their imaginations run wild, immersing their guests in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. “Early on in our relationship, David and I joked that we should have a themed wedding,” Stephanie says. “One of the themes mentioned was Harry Potter. When David asked me to marry him, I decided to turn our joke into reality!” To represent the four houses—Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin—the pair opted for a punchy color palette of red, yellow, blue and green. From there, Stephanie put her artistic skills to work to bring the couple’s enchanting vision to life. For the photo booth backdrop, she Photoshopped the faces of the wedding party into classic art pieces to mimic the portraits at Hogwarts and hand-painted the bridesmaids’ yellow pumps with the Hufflepuff insignia. Chocolate frogs served as the favors, the programs were made to look like The Daily Prophet and guests signed the newlyweds’ guest book with quill pens. “Last but not least, I painted a whole 4-foot-by-64-inch painting of Hogwarts castle as the cake backdrop,” Stephanie says. “It was a lot of work, but I started early and got a lot of help from my mom and bridesmaids.” For the photo booth, guests could pose with a fun-filled selection of Harry Potter–themed props, including brooms, wands, Hogwarts robes and a sorting hat. “Do your own thing,” Stephanie advises. “People will always have opinions on what should and shouldn’t be at a wedding, but if you and your spouse are happy, do the ‘norms’ really matter?”