An Outdoor Arbor Day Wedding at a Private Estate in Los Alamos, California

Jamie-Rae Kilgallon (a chef) and Tim Kilgallon (in operations at Old Country Millwork Inc.) held their wedding at their gorgeous private estate in Los Alamos on Arbor Day. Danae Grace styled the wedding to reflect the couple's relationship -- in particular, how they met. Jamie-Rae and Tim were brought together through family friends, but they first met at a horse show in Dublin. Tim proposed on the couple's drive home to Los Angeles after visiting Jamie-Rae's family in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. They decided to take the scenic route home down the Oregon coast and pulled over to a spot they had stopped at once before to stretch their legs. After taking a trail down to a scenic overview of the Pacific Ocean, Tim pulled out the ring he had been carrying for weeks, waiting for the perfect moment, and proposed.