A Whimsical, Rainbow-Inspired Wedding at Women’s Twentieth Century Club in Eagle Rock, California

Rainbows are a reminder of love, according to the youngest son of Julia Mockeridge (34 and a physical therapist) and Scott Mockeridge (31 and an aerospace engineer). The couple described their wedding theme and colors as as “vintage rainbow,” with colorful accents dotting a classic atmosphere at the Women’s Twentieth Century Club in Eagle Rock, California. “Scott had always envisioned our wedding to feel as though it was in a backyard with a casual atmosphere that would make our guests feel at home,” says Julia. The ceremony was held outdoors on the back lawn, and the reception followed in the main hall. Dinner and the wedding cakes were provided by Homegirl Cafe and Catering by Homeboy Industries, a local organization that has job programs for former gang members. “All of our vendors were local and or non-profit, and it means a lot to us to give back to our community,” says the bride. For entertainment, guests played bocce ball outside, competed in a hula hoop contest and laughed at a groomsmen dance-off. In addition to the DJ, Scott’s sister performed a Dolly Parton song and a family friend rapped “Ice, Ice Baby.” “I always said, if at the end of the night, our guests leave and say—’Now that was fun!’ then I will be happy,” says the bride.