A Whimsical, Rustic DIY Wedding at Crooked Willow Farms in Larkspur, Colorado

Erica Crane (30 and a neuromonitoring technologist) and Jace Crane (33 and an ICU nurse) began dating after they met working in the operating room together, and Jace proposed at sunset on the beach in Oregon while they were on vacation. For their wedding, they chose Crooked Willow Farms in Larkspur, Colorado, because they loved the shabby-chic aura with its red barn and gorgeous, colorful gardens. Although they kept most of the decor to a minimum because of the naturally lovely venue, they hand-crafted 800 origami paper cranes in honor of their last name. The birds adorned the wooden wedding arbor by serving as the backdrop and decorated the folded escort cards hanging from a rustic wooden ladder. Classic hydrangea and rose centerpieces topped the reception tables in the exposed brick and wood reception ballroom, adding an elegant feel to the room. Erica and Jace used a pastel color palette of shades of pink, coral and ivory with pops of green and taupe throughout. One of the best parts, though, was the DIY three-tier white fondant and burlap wedding cake with a blooming cascading tree! “Our wedding cake was absolutely incredible,” Erica says. "Jace was not planning on making our cake, but a few things fell through, and he stepped up. He was up late the night before the wedding making us a beautiful and delicious wedding cake.”