A Whimsical, Rustic Vintage Wedding at Pecan Springs Ranch in Austin, Texas

Jen Crane, 31 and a pediatric oncology nurse at Dell Children’s Medical Center, and Rob Chamness, 36 and a freelance videographer and producer, met by happenstance at South by Southwest as Rob and his group of friends chatted and helped block the wind from Jen’s group of friends. With the help of their friends, Rob and Jen exchanged numbers and went out on their first real date a week later. The couple was engaged for only three and a half months before their wedding day at Pecan Springs Ranch, which proved to be the right amount of laid-back, rustic and country style for this Texas duo. Jen has classic, vintage tastes, while Rob enjoys the nerdy and whimsical, so the couple incorporated lots of touches from both their styles throughout the wedding. The groomsmen boutonnieres included Lego superheroes next to deep burgundy and magenta blossoms. The eclectic dining table centerpieces included a combination of vintage items such as vases, candles, cameras, wood slices to hold the table numbers, superheroes, mismatched napkins, lace, matryoshka dolls, comic book figurines and more. Gold animal figurines and brass pitchers next to deep red flower arrangements added elegance and a pop of color to the rustic vintage setting. Jen and Rob had a traditional, romantic evening ceremony underneath a tree in a grassy area surrounded by vintage chandeliers.