A Whimsical, Rustic Wedding at Hunter Mountain Ski Resort in Hunter, New York

Ashley Owen (28 and the office manager for JS Casting Inc.) and Stephen Massey (29 and a financial associate) met in high school when Stephen asked his friend to instant-message Ashley to ask her to prom. Thinking, "Why not," Ashley went, and the two have been dating ever since. Memorial Day Weekend in 2012, Ashley and Stephen were traveling to the annual Memorial Kick Ball Game created to honor the passing of Ashley's grandfather. On the way, Stephen suggested they visit a spa for a night full of massages and good food. When they returned to the hotel room, Ashley found the bed covered in lilies, and Stephen on his knee with a round solitaire diamond engagement ring. With family across the country, Ashley and Stephen wanted to treat their friends and family with a destination wedding at Hunter Mountain Ski Resort in Hunter, New York. With amenities such as hiking, zip-lining and swimming, the guests were able to enjoy the entire Fourth of July weekend. Wanting to keep the atmosphere fresh and fun, Ashley chose a color scheme of soft pinks, purples and yellows with accents of blue to create a whimsical and rustic theme for their special day. The men were dressed in light gray suits with ties from J.Crew and matching socks, while Ashley's bridesmaids wore their choice of dresses following the light color palette. With all of the stress that came from planning the wedding, though, Ashley and Stephen almost eloped! Fortunately, they enlisted Lindsey McKitterick of Lindsey M Events for help, and everything fell into place. "If anything went wrong on the wedding day, I don't know about it because Lindsey handled every detail," says Ashley.