A Whimsical, Vintage Wedding at the Inn at Erlowest in Lake George, New York

Katherine DiNicola (26 and a physical therapist) and Jonathan Gorom (31 and a financial adviser) knew from the get-go that they wanted to get married

Katherine DiNicola (26 and a physical therapist) and Jonathan Gorom (31 and a financial adviser) knew from the get-go that they wanted to get married in the Lake George area of New York. By chance, they came across the Inn at Erlowest, a beautiful, historic castle that overlooks Lake George and is decorated in the Victorian style. “We were drawn to the beautiful views, the gorgeous grand ballroom, and fabulous staff, and loved that many of our guests could stay right on-site in the Sun Castle Resort Townhouses,” Katherine says. Highlighting the venue’s whimsical, vintage feel was a given, and the team at Anthology Studios knew just how to make it happen. Instead of traditional centerpieces, the team got to work creating stunning tablescapes complete with lush floral, fern, grapewood and succulent garlands, antique books, lanterns and shimmery gold table numbers for just a touch of glamour. “The elements that best reflected us as a couple were not necessarily tangible,” Katherine says. “It was more in the way we arranged the day, like leaving out many of the traditions, so we could get the party started right after dinner and keep going.” After dinner, the newlyweds asked all the guests to join them on the dance floor for the first dance, and DJ Christopher Johnson got the party started with an upbeat playlist of dance tracks that kept guests glued to the dance floor all night. A tip from Katherine: “Don't sweat the small stuff. There is no way everything will go 100 percent perfectly. During our grand entrance Jon flung his ring off under a table! He grabbed it, and we kept on dancing. There is no way he and I could have gotten through the entire event without at least one, or a few, awkward moments, but that is why we make such a great couple; we're able to laugh it off together and continue our perfect night.”

From the get-go Katherine and Jon knew that they wanted to host their wedding in the Lake George area of upstate New York. The couple came across the Inn at Erlowest, a historic castle done in the Victorian style overlooking Lake George, and were instantly smitten with its old world charm and serene setting.  “We loved the fact that many of the wedding guests could stay right on site at the Sun Castle Resort Townhouses too,” says Katherine.
Lake George Waterfront Ceremony
Hand Graphic Wedding Sign
For the ceremony, Katherine and Jon decided to keep the decor simple to avoid detracting from the beauty of the lakefront setting. They opted to forgo aisle arrangements, focusing the decorative touches on the simple white wedding arbor that stood along the shore, dressing it up with a panel of light, airy fabric and a small garland of cascading ferns, eucalyptus and vines.
For Katherine and Jon, fun and comfort for all of their guests was a top priority. The couple kicked the day off with a waterfront ceremony on Lake George, where they took a pass on tradition and invited their families and friends to sit where they pleased. The laid-back, non-fussy atmosphere carried over to the reception, allowing guests to let loose and have a good time.
Playing off Jon’s navy suit and the waterfront locale, Katherine chose long, chiffon Jim Hjelm bridesmaid dresses in a soft shade of sage green. The line offered a number of different styles, so Katherine allowed each of the girls to select the silhouette and neckline they liked best.  To complete the look, Katherine gifted the girls customized bracelets made by Lauren from Duende Bridal.
From the start, Jon knew that he wanted his groomsmen in tailored navy suits with brown shoes. The sartorial decision, as well as the waterfront locale, set the tone for the rest of the decor, leading Katherine to select a color palette of navy blue, sage green, peach and gold.
Vintage Train Case Guest-Book Display
For the design and decor, Katherine and Jon enlisted the help of Evan Euripidou and his talented team at Anthology Studios in Schenectady, NY. To infuse the historic venue with a touch of whimsical flair, they suggested ditching the idea of traditional centerpieces and creating tablescapes with lush floral, fern, grape vine and succulent garlands. Adding in a few antique accents like books and lanterns played up the old world charm of the Inn at Erlowest’s interiors.
Instead of just serving wedding cake after dinner, Katherine and Jon decided to give guests a more interactive dessert experience. The couple provided a vast array of dainty treats for their friends and families to enjoy, including French macarons in a variety of flavors, perfectly frosted mini cupcakes and assorted cookies.
'Love Is Sweet' Dessert-Table Sign
DIY Kraft-Paper Escort Cards
S'mores Kit Wedding Favors
Glittery Gold Table Numbers
Jon and Katherine met at a Halloween party held by a mutual friend. Jon, along with 10 of friends, was dressed up as Elvis, while Katherine opted for a “Where’s Waldo” inspired getup. When it came designing their cake, the pair decided to have a little fun with the decorations and skipped out on the traditional bride and groom cake topper for something a little more personalized — custom made “Where’s Waldo” and Elvis figurines.
Wanting to spend as much time as possible celebrating with their guests, Katherine and Jon decided to skip tradition and do things their own way. “We left out some wedding traditions so that the party could start right after dinner and just keep going,” says Katherine. “We arranged the events in a way that would allow everyone to enjoy the evening as much as possible, from taking the group pictures prior to the ceremony to inviting guests to dance with us during our first dance.”
While the day largely went off without a hitch, Jon accidentally flung his ring off under a table while the couple danced their way into the reception. “He grabbed it and we kept on dancing!” says Katherine. “Don’t sweat the small stuff, because there is no way everything will go 100% perfectly.”