A Whimsical Vintage Wedding in Austin, TX

An open-air lounge area, complete with sofas, chairs and tables, was provided for guests.
Floral Dog Collar
Chiavari Chair Seating
Jessica chose the color and fabric for their dresses but let each bridesmaid choose her own style.
The ceremony venue’s natural beauty didn’t require much extra décor.
Eddie’s boutonniere was a single dark-purple anemone that mimicked the color of Jessica’s bouquet.
Vintage glasses and vases filled with flowers were used as centerpieces; mercury glass votives added sparkle.
The couple chose fall comfort food for the reception.
Because neither Jessica nor Eddie really like cake, they had macarons for dessert.
Furthering the Great Gatsby feel of the wedding, a plein air painter sketched the amphitheater where the ceremony was held.
The couple wanted a Great Gatsby–inspired party that everyone could enjoy. Bright purple and green suited the theme.