A Whimsical Wedding at Ahmanson Ranch in Calabasas, California

Taylor Tronson (23 and in advertising) and Grant Bridges (24 and an entrepreneur) threw a chic modern yet bohemian wedding in the open air overlooking Malibu Canyon, at Ahmanson Ranch in Calabasas, California in California. "We wanted everything about the day to feel really fresh and organic," Taylor says. To achieve this, the decor was soft and light with draping fabrics, candlelight and plenty of greenery. Vintage mirrors and gold-lace table overlays added whimsy to the design. The ceremony was held on the south side of the Ahmanson house and was surrounded by lush lawns and trees. The natural beauty of the location itself allowed for simplistic decor, including a birch arch topped with sheer draping fabric and white florals. "The scene was truly magical," Taylor says. "It was one of the many reasons we immediately fell in love with our venue upon visiting." —Allie Volpe