A Whimsical Wedding at a Private Residence in San Miguel, Mexico

Ximena Dominguez (32 and a real estate agent) and Kent Slade Davidson (41 and a jeweler and caregiver) celebrated their marriage in a private colonial-style home in the heart of San Miguel—they knew it was the place for their nuptials long before construction was even completed. The house inspired the natural and organic wedding style, full of colors that would match the beautiful surroundings. “Lavender is one of our favorite scents, so purifying and refreshing,” the couple says. “Our wedding symbolizes just that, a fresh and purified beginning of our new life together, so we had fresh lavender all around the house.” The ceremony was the most important aspect of their wedding, officiated by their friend. The guests joined them in a heartfelt and emotional prayer. The highlight? “From the time I moved to San Miguel and saw the first mojiganga wedding parade, I knew I had to have one at my wedding,” Ximena says. Here’s what that includes: Following the euphoric hugs and congratulations, Ximena and Kent walked onto the street with their 150 guests for a parade with a loud brass band. Guests were handed small clay cups with long, colorful ribbons to hang around their necks for mezcal shots as they marched around the city led by the band and massive mojigangas (bride and groom puppets). Plus, a well-groomed and decorated donkey was in charge of transporting the mezcal bottles. “We all danced for three blocks, stopping at the main square where a hot air balloon basket was set up for us to climb in for pictures,” Ximena says. See the colorful scenes, captured by Holly Wilmeth Photography, below.