A Whimsical Wedding at Shermer Art Center & Museum in Phoenix, Arizona

Tristan Gandolfi (29, founder of School's A Joke) and Patrick Matthews (29, operations coordinator) met in undergrad at Arizona State University; they are both from Chicago, so a mutual friend figured they could talk the Bears. They began dating a few years later when Pat came into Chicago for a wedding and invited Tristan along as his date. Tristan gave Pat some engagement rules from the beginning: he had to get permission from all six members of her family, and she required an engagement ring with a family story. Pat delivered on both promises, and asked Tristan to marry him with an Easter card full of her family's permission slips (complete with a canine paw print) and rings made by her grandfather from sterling silver given to him as a wedding gift 60 years ago. At the couple's whimsical wedding in Phoenix, Arizona, Tristan's grandparents would be the ring bearer and flower girl—the catch is, they only find out about that duty on the wedding day! Tristan and Pat also surprised their friends at the wedding by asking them to be impromptu bridesmaids and groomsmen, asking for them to stand by their sides the way they always had. Tristan’s sister played violin during the ceremony as well as during the father daughter dance. Her brother would be the officiant, and later at the party, he would make a reappearance as an Elvis impersonator. There was an improv comedy show during cocktail hour and dueling pianos at the party with the groom on drums throughout the night. Everything about this wedding was personal and a reflection of Tristan and Pat’s personality and relationship.