A Winter Ceremony in Covington, KY

Though it sounds like the plot line of a romantic comedy, Christy and Chris actually did meet in a bar. Christy was out with friends when someone started making rude comments about another girl, and Chris chivalrously came over to apologize. The pair ended up talking for hours and, three weeks later, they had their first date. The Bride Christy Geiger, 25, a buyer The Groom Chris White, 29, in sales The Date January 30 Two years later, Christy came home from work early due to bad weather, and Chris took her to dinner at a nearby restaurant. Afterward, Christy suggested a stroll to look at Christmas lights. “I walked right into his plan,” she says. When they reached the giant Christmas tree in their village square, Chris caught her off guard by popping the question. As simply as it started, the two planned a simple ceremony for the following year.