A Winter City Hall Wedding at a Private Residence in Burlington, Vermont

Krista Buckley (30, a Physician-in-Training) and Nate Moreau (36, a Furniture Maker) were in the middle of packing their apartment for a move when Nate ducked out for an errand. A few minutes later, Krista got a call from her friend telling her to look in the cabinets. Confused, since the cabinets were empty, Krista opened them up. "Nate had left me a clue for the start of a scavenger hunt that led me to the site of our first date, the park he would sit at for hours-long phone calls when I was on away rotations for medical school, the bar where we first met...the final clue directed me to a park where Nate was waiting in the cold, surrounded by rose petals. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him," Krista recalls. As the couple began to plan for their wedding, they realized that they had twelve other weddings to attend that year! Unwilling to wait an entire year to get married, the couple decided to have a Justice of the Peace wedding and then plan another celebration the following year with all of their family and friends. The couple exchanged their vows on the steps of City Hall, surrounded by close family and friends. After the ceremony, an impromptu toast on the City Hall steps and a first dance in the park, the small wedding party walked over to a local Italian restaurant for dinner. "We felt really grateful to have a ceremony where we didn't have to plan anything, so we could just focus on us and our love and commitment to each other," Krista says.