A Wooded Wedding at a Private Residence in Longwood, Florida

Olivia Wells (23 and a nursing student) and Josh Hodgson (25 and a videographer) set out to create a wedding that would feel genuine and intentional. And the venue was a good starting point for achieving that vibe. After choosing to marry on the wooded land of a lifelong family friend, Olivia and Josh set about creating a personal, fun-loving evening that was handcrafted by the couple and their family members. After the intimate ceremony—officiated by a friend—Olivia and Josh arranged for a grilled cheese food truck in lieu of a formal dinner, and followed dinner with dancing on the back porch. The couple's family members pitched in to bring the decorative vision to life, with Olivia's father (a graphic designer) creating the invitations and signs and even arranging the floral centerpieces from blooms bought in bulk. As a personal touch, the bride and groom had their guests sign a bench instead of a guestbook—which now sits in their home as a memory of the day. —Michelle Thomas