A Woodsy, Outdoor Wedding at Griffith Woods in Santa Rosa, California

Sarah Hayley (24 and a graduate student) and Luke Hayley (24 and an engineer) love to be outdoors, so it was natural for the couple to choose a location surrounded by redwood trees. Logs and moss paired with a greens, browns and purple complemented the inherent beauty of their ceremony and reception location. Sarah wore an elegant strapless sheath dress, with baby's breath woven into her hair in lieu of a veil, while Luke donned a beige vest sans jacket to keep the look laid-back. After a ceremony in front of reclaimed plant backdrop designed by the best man, the couple and their guests moved to an alfresco reception, lit by rows of hanging lanterns and votive-topped logs. One unique wood-inspired element? Luke's wedding band, which is made of wood with a jade center stone.