A Yacht Club Wedding With a Modern Twist at Cleveland Yacht Club in Cleveland, Ohio

Jenna Hunger (27 and in professional services) and Taylor Evans (28 and in business development and recruiting) met at a networking event in Cleveland, Ohio, shortly before Taylor accepted a new job in Austin, Texas. Their first long-distance date was via FaceTime, when they both cooked the same recipe—brown sugar and sage gnocchi—and watched a movie. As they sat down to eat and catch up over dinner, Taylor entered the screen in a full suit and tie. “It was an adorable, thoughtful gesture that brought a smile to my face and kept butterflies in my chest,” Jenna says. They visited each other regularly for two years before Taylor moved to Cleveland to take his relationship with Jenna and her son, Camden, to the next level. Six months later, they were engaged. It was assumed early on that the couple would celebrate at the Cleveland Yachting Club on Lake Erie, a place with special meaning in Jenna’s family (her grandfather is a past commodore and her father joined at age 18). “There isn’t a summer from my childhood that isn’t made up of memories on the island,” Jenna says. With so many guests traveling from out of town, Jenna and Taylor simplified the ceremony and reception by keeping it in one location. Their ceremony was on the club's lawn, followed by an outdoor cocktail hour and indoor reception. One of the most special elements of the day happened when Jenna made a surprise entrance on her uncle’s boat (hidden from guests until Bette Midler’s “Chapel of Love” blared over the speakers). “I was completely nervous to enter this way, but looking back, I'm so glad we did," Jenna says. "Family and friends told me that it put everyone at ease while they waited for everything to begin.” After docking, Jenna and her dad walked down the lawn to “O Come to the Altar” by Elevation Worship. The ceremony concluded with an “Over the Rainbow” recessional, leading into cocktail hour on the lawn—with beer displayed inside a boat. The decor of the indoor reception was inspired by photos of centerpieces originally created by event designer David Stark—dramatic yet sophisticated palms and banana leaves—coupled with rich, vibrant raspberry peonies in wooden boxes and gorgeous brightly colored linens. Ivy decorated the head table, lined with candles and glass, while candlelit orbs dangled from the main chandelier. Jenna's says her advice for future couples is cliche but worth repeating: "Soak up every detail. It goes way too fast, and it really is the best day of your life. We were overwhelmed with the love and excitement of the day and didn't want it to end." —Chrissy Sorenson