A Zoo Wedding at Chehaw Wild Animal Park in Albany, Georgia

This wedding was completely wild! Jackie Entz (31 and a zoo education coordinator) and William Shores (36 and a small business owner) get married at the Chehaw Wild Animal Park in Albany, Georgia—and their ceremony took place inside one of the exhibits. (Don’t worry, the guests were perfectly safe.) The zookeepers made sure the free-range zebras, ostriches, impalas and wildebeests could say hello from a safe distance, so everyone could sit back and enjoy Jackie and William’s heartfelt vows. The highlight of the ceremony came at the end when Jackie, William and their daughter released a half-dozen native quails to symbolize their new family. “The quail made a lasting impression and dried every teary eye in the audience,” Jackie says. The entire wedding party entered and made their exit on Chehaw’s decorated tractor and trailer with the wedding officiant as the driver. The reception took place in Chehaw’s Creekside Center surrounded by large moss-covered trees overlooking Muckalee Creek, where Jackie and William shared many dates. Instead of a sit-down dinner, guests could choose from tables full of delicious food, so they could freely mingle and dance. Another cool detail? Jackie’s mom created a nontraditional guest book: Guests wrote messages on white gift tags and hung them from a tree. “The messages were so much fun to read when we got back from the honeymoon,” Jackie says. See the fun details, captured by MP Photographie, below.